2021 Program

IRDS Outbrief

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ICRC 2021 Program

Tue 30-Nov Theme: Quantum Computing
Session 1a Session Chairs: Robert Wille and Alexandru Paler
Start End Type Authors/Presenters Title
12:00 PM ET 12:15 PM ET Intro
12:15 PM ET 12:45 PM ET Keynote Prof. Fred Chong, U. Chicago Resource-Efficient Quantum Computing by Breaking Abstractions
12:45 PM ET 13:10 PM ET Full Teague Tomesh, Kaiwen Gui, Pranav Gokhale, Yunong Shi, Martin Suchara, Margaret Martonosi and Fred Chong Optimized Quantum Program Execution Ordering to Mitigate Errors in Simulations of Quantum Systems
13:10 PM ET 13:35 PM ET Full Austin Adams, Elton Pinto, Jeff Young, Eugene Dumitrescu, Alex McCaskey, Creston Herold and Thomas M. Conte Enabling a Programming Environment for an Experimental Ion Trap Quantum Testbed
13:35 PM ET 14:00 PM ET Full Patrick Selig, Niall Murphy, Ashwin Sundareswaran R, David Redmond and Simon Caton A Case for Noisy Shallow Gate-based Circuits in Quantum Machine Learning
14:00 PM ET 14:30 PM ET Panel Q&A
14:30 PM ET 15:00 PM ET Break
Session 1b Session Chairs: Tzvetan S. Metodi and Alexandru Paler
15:00 PM ET 15:25 PM ET Full Xin-Chuan Wu, Marc Davis, Frederic T. Chong and Costin Iancu Reoptimization of Quantum Circuits via Hierarchical Synthesis
15:25 PM ET 15:50 PM ET Full M Saravanan and Rana Pratap Sircar A Quantum Method for Subchannel allocation in Device-to-Device Communication
15:50 PM ET 16:15 PM ET Full David Quiroga, Prasanna Date and Raphael Pooser Discriminating Quantum States with Quantum Machine Learning
16:15 PM ET 16:45 PM ET Panel Q&A
16:45 PM ET End of Day
Wed 01-Dec Theme: AI / ML / Neural Computing
Session 2a Session Chair: Joseph Friedman
Start End Type Authors/Presenters Title
12:00 PM ET 12:15 PM ET Intro
12:15 PM ET 12:45 PM ET Keynote Dr. Catherine Schuman, Oak Ridge National Lab Neuromorphic Computing for Real-Time Control at the Edge
12:45 PM ET 12:55 PM ET Abstract Suhas Kumar, Thomas Van Vaerenbergh, John Paul Strachan Hopfield algorithm for constrained optimization of the Knapsack problem
12:55 PM ET 13:20 PM ET Full J. Darby Smith, James Aimone, Rich Lehoucq and William Severa Assessing a Neuromorphic Platform for use in Scientific Stochastic Sampling
13:20 PM ET 13:35 PM ET Short Nishant Mysore, Bruno Umbria Pedroni, Gopabandhu Hota, Stephen Deiss and Gert Cauwenberghs Hierarchical Network Partitioning for Reconfigurable Large-Scale Neuromorphic Systems
13:35 PM ET 13:50 PM ET Short James Aimone, Aaron Hill, William Severa and Craig Vineyard Spiking Neural Streaming Binary Arithmetic
13:50 PM ET 14:00 PM ET Abstract Peng Zhou, Julie Smith, Laura Deremo, Stephen Heinrich-Barna and Joseph Friedman Synchronous Unsupervised STDP Learning with Stochastic STT-MRAM Switching
14:00 PM ET 14:30 PM ET Panel Q&A
14:30 PM ET 15:00 PM ET Break
Session 2b Session Chairs: Neil Thompson and Hiro Akinaga
15:00 PM ET 15:15 PM ET Short Nicki Barari and Edward Kim Linking Sparse Coding Dictionaries for Representation Learning
15:15 PM ET 15:40 PM ET Full M Saravanan, Satheesh K Perepu, Adhesh Reghu Kumar, Kaushik Dey and Sreeja Gaddamidi Exploring Spiking Neural Networks in Single and Multi-agent RL Methods
15:40 PM ET 15:50 PM ET Abstract Andres Lombo, Jesus Lares, Matteo Castellani, Chi-Ning Chou, Nancy Lynch and Karl Berggren Architectures and Algorithms for Superconducting-Nanowire-Based Neuromorphic Computing
15:50 PM ET 16:00 PM ET Abstract Wesley Brigner, Naimul Hassan, Xuan Hu, Christopher Bennett, Alvaro Velasquez, Felipe Garcia-Sanchez, Matthew Marinella, Jean Anne Incorvia and Joseph Friedman CMOS-Free Multilayer Perceptron Enabled by Four-Terminal MTJ Device
16:00 PM ET 16:15 PM ET Short Alan M. Kadin Conscious Machines for Autonomous Agents and Cybersecurity
16:15 PM ET 16:45 PM ET Panel Q&A
16:45 PM ET End of Day
Thur 02-Dec Theme: Adiabatic/Reversible & Other Future Computing
Session 3a Session Chair: Robert Freeman
Start End Type Authors/Presenters Title
12:00 PM ET 12:15 PM ET Intro
12:15 PM ET 12:45 PM ET Keynote John Paul Strachan, FZJ, and RWTH Aachen University, Germany Analog and in-memory computing for power efficient hardware
12:45 PM ET 12:55 PM ET Abstract Christopher Ayala, Tomoyuki Tanaka, Risako Saito, Ro Saito and Nobuyuki Yoshikawa Overcoming Integration Challenges in Adiabatic Superconductor Electronics for Energy-Efficient Computing
12:55 PM ET 13:20 PM ET Full Jayson Lynch and Jiaying Sun An Efficient Reversible Algorithm for Linear Regression
13:20 PM ET 13:45 PM ET Invited Rene Celis-Cordova, Gregory Snider, Alexei O. Orlov, Tian Lu and Jason Kulick Adiabatic CMOS Design for Adiabatic Reversible Computing
13:45 PM ET 14:15 PM ET Panel Q&A
14:15 PM ET 15:00 PM ET Break
Session 3b Session Chair: Todd Hylton
15:00 PM ET 15:25 PM ET Full Benedict Jones, Noura Al Moubayed, Dagou A. Zeze and Chris Groves Enhanced methods for Evolution in-Materio Processors
15:25 PM ET 15:35 PM ET Abstract Alexander J. Edwards, Dhritiman Bhattacharya, Peng Zhou, Nathan R. McDonald, Lisa Loomis, Clare D. Thiem, Jayasimha Atulasimha and Joseph S. Friedman Frustrated Arrays of Nanomagnets for Efficient Reservoir Computing
15:35 PM ET 15:50 PM ET Short Akshat Jha, Eliana Stoyanoff, Guga Khundzakishvili, Paul Kairys, Hayato Ushijima-Mwesigwa and Arnab Banerjee Digital Annealing Route to Complex Magnetic Phase Discovery
15:50 PM ET 16:05 PM ET Short Yuri Ardesi, Giuliana Beretta, Christian Fabiano, Mariagrazia Graziano and Gianluca Piccinini A Reconfigurable Field-Coupled Nanocomputing Paradigm on Uniform Molecular Monolayers
16:05 PM ET 16:20 PM ET Short Henry Dietz, Paul Eberhart and Ashley Rule Basic Operations And Structure Of An FPGA Accelerator For Parallel Bit Pattern Computation
16:20 PM ET 16:50 PM ET Panel Q&A
16:50 PM ET 17:10 PM ET Closing Conference Wrap-up/Summary
17:10 PM ET End of Day